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20180118 Liberal Leave in effect for Thursday, January 18, 2018 Office Open, come in if you can
  • Normal Operation hours: Offices will have normal operation hours, employees will work regular schedules unless otherwise noted
  • Regular hours: Employees are expected to come in at regular scheduled times
  • Late start: Gives expected late start time, allows later arrival if necessary based on individual travel conditions.
  • Flex start time: Gives expected late start time, but encourages earlier start if you feel you can safely travel.
  • Liberal leave procedure: Company will allow use of sick, vacation or comp (if taken in the same week) or 0 time
  • Essential personnel: Operation essential personnel include: office manager, maintenance supervisor, It supervisor, operations Paralegal, lead attorney, Admin Dir.
  • In the event of a modified operation schedule, department supervisors should coordinate with the office manager and their lead paralegals as to their planned operation schedule. Lead paralegals for each profit center are expected to use the internet based calendar from home, to reschedule appointments to match planned changes in the operational schedule.

    Employees who are not able to meet modified schedules should call in to Office manager to report their individual situations.

    No employee is expected to travel if they feel travel conditions are unsafe, however it is necessary to call in your particular situation.